Miranda biofuel
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362003, RNO-Alania, Vladikavkaz, 8, Neizvestnogo Soldata Street

About the plant

Limited Liability Company “Miranda” – is a plant producing bioethanol and other products, situated in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.  Biofuel is produced from low-grade crops and food-industry waste. Bioethanol is an effective high octane petrol additive. When mixed with petrol they increase the fuel octane rating, reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, reduce the combustion temperature, which enhances the engine cycle life and doesn’t require additional re-equipment.  According to laboratory research 1 part of bioethanol must be mixed with 10 parts of  petrol with octane rating 76 to get automobile fuel with octane rating 92.

The company was built in a year and a half. The main raw material suppliers of Bioethanol are sugar-plants of Krasnodar territory, but there are many other offers which are now being considered. As for the sales, “Miranda” is now conducting negotiations on shipping end products with Turkey, Poland and Sweden. Some other countries are also interested in cooperation.

The designed capacity of the plant  is 200 tons of product a day, and today it can produce 100 tons. “Miranda” can reach the designed capacity any moment as required. Our country needs new advanced methods of production which include increasing export, new work positions and cooperation with the leading countries of the world.

Using ethanol as an additive to petrol contributes to:

  • a more complete petrol combustion and reduction of carbonic oxide emission by 30%, reduction of  emissions from local waste treatment plants by 25%

  • higher percentage power output than petrol

  • 50% reduction of particulate load and 21% reduction of exhaust gas toxicity

  • reduction of soot formation and quantity of harmful substances in engines, thus keeping the engine clean

  • optimum engine performance

  • reduction of petrol prices

Bioethanol is a high-octane fuel which can be used both together with petrol and in undiluted form with denaturated alcohol. The production of bioethanol allows saving oil resources and reduces air pollution.

The built –up area is 18480 square metres, the site plot is 60 000 square metres, the green area is 29 520 square metres, the area of pads and roads is 12 000 square metres.

The main sphere of the company is production of fuel ethanol (bioethanol). Bioethanol – is a liquid alcohol fuel with vapors heavier than the air. It is made of agricultural products, containing starch or sugar: corn, crops or sugar cane. Unlike spirits for alcohol production, fuel ethanol does not contain water and is produced by the method of speeded distillation, and as a result contains methanol and fusel oils, as well as petrol, which makes it undrinkable. Ethanol proof is 99,9 % alcohol by volume.