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Native wheat gluten

One of the additional spheres of “Miranda” in Vladikavkaz is the sale of wheat gluten Wheat flour paste or gluten is made of ecologically clean wheat and is the result of an advanced processing of the grain as a result of a complicated production-technological process especially soft for the structure of the proteins. Buy gluten of wheat flour in the US and Europe can be ordered from the producer of wheat gluten flour Miranda Bio. High-quality gluten for bread making in the UK or USA, You can buy by ordering the gluten of wheat, the plant "Miranda".

Wheat flour paste is a natural complex of protein substances insoluble in water and salt solutions, extracted as an independent fraction through separation with such further grinding and drying methods which allow preserving the natural properties of the protein at maximum. You can buy wheat gluten in Europe and the USA by ordering it from the Miranda plant.

Adding dry flour paste allows improving significantly the quality of the flour produced from a low-quality grain. Wheat flour paste is neutral in taste and has the ability to absorb water twice as much as its weight.

Its elastic properties make it valuable in bakery, snacks production and in fish and meat products. Therefore flour paste is also used in meat preparation industry as a functional component increasing the density and elasticity and improving the structure of the finished product.