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Granulated wheat bran

Bioethanol production is not the only type of activity of our plant.  LLC “Miranda” in Vladikavkaz also sells wheat bran.

Granulated wheat bran is a by- product of wheat production – molded hard bran coating is sold by wholesale.

Wheat bran is a useful food for all species of farm animals. Their nutritional value is determined by the amount of farinaceous particles compared with bran coating.

On average, the marketed wheat bran includes up to 14,8% of water, 15,5% of proteins, 3,2% fats, 8,4% of cellulose; it contains about 53,2% of nitrogen-free extracts, no more than 5% of ash. Every 100 kg of bran- is 71-78 fodder units, the source of 13 kg of digestible protein.

Bran is mostly used as food for dairy cattle and for breeding young stock, it is suitable for horses and swine, cattle stock, it is added into food with chaff, liquid food or chopped straw.