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High protein food DDGS

Recently many ethanol –producing plants have started producing dry grains with decreased amount of fat or completely fat-free in order to use it in biodiesel. However, live stock farmers also made use of such a development. Animal feed manufacturer Miranda Bio is a quality product with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

DDGS- is what remains after fermentation( grain coating, yeast, protein(gluten)of the grain) dried if it must be kept or not dried if it can be sold locally.

DDGS – is a good food for live stock with25%-35% protein contents, depending on the contents of protein(gluten) in raw grains. The products of “Miranda” contain 40-45% of protein. The cost of DDGS is calculated from the cost of its protein content. DDGS can amount to 100% of cattle stock daily diet, and up to 20% of swine and fowl diet.   

Limited Liability Company “Miranda” in Vladikavkaz  is a modern plant producing bioethanol and selling residual stock including gluten, bran, starch and high-protein food DDGS. Modern technologies and newest equipment allow us to get only high-quality products.