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Biofuels bioethanol

Probably, almost everyone is faced with the concept of "biofuel car". In the production of biofuels bioethanol uses environmentally friendly raw materials - renewable natural resource. Biofuel bioethanol production in Russia is currently gaining development momentum and despite the fact that now in our country very few companies using biotechnology every year there is a growing trend of their development. The "Miranda" plant in the city of Vladikavkaz - one of the few Russian companies whose activity is based on the use of biotechnology. The main task of the workers is the production of quality high-octane biofuels are bioethanol, which is derived from wheat feedstock. In addition to the main fuel production, the plant produces waste for animal feed, wheat gluten, starch. Our plant specialists in Vladikavkaz believe that bioethanol is a fuel of the near future, which will become a clean alternative to gasoline. Biofuels ethanol will save the environment.