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Biofuels for cars

Ecology of the world every year getting worse and worse and ecologists predict that in 2050, the mankind acutely felt the shortage of drinking water. Pollution of the biosphere of the planet is largely associated with the development of the oil business. Daily "light" appear thousands of tons of plastic bags, plastic polymers. Another product of distillation of crude oil is gasoline. Modern man - the owner of the car probably will not be able to even now imagine the fact that the oil on the closest predicted to end in 100 years. For several years scientific works on improvement of technology for production of biofuels with good processing properties. The biofuel bioethanol plant of JSC "Miranda" by applying the modern technologies of processing of vegetable raw materials is engaged in the production of bioethanol in Vladikavkaz - what is a biofuel for the car. Tucking the biofuel your car you will not only save the environment but also save. Biofuels for bioethanol car - choice of the modern motorist. "Miranda" in the city of Vladikavkaz for several years sells bioethanol fuel to the residents of Vladikavkaz customers from Russia.