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Environmentally friendly fuel

The future can be represented in different ways. For example, you can submit it as rapidly developed industry of high technology and robotic equipment with the cult of artificial intelligence, enlightened people who have found new sources of energy and are fully is the crown of nature. And you can imagine it as a technological civilization and moral decline, mired with his own filth and trash of humanity with a shortage of drinking water and huge amounts of lepers, the impoverished depths of the earth.

Modern industrial development increasingly makes more real the possibility of a second development scenario. Fortunately, many businessmen caught the "trick" and started to create businesses associated with biotechnology, had made the first alternate source of electrical energy, began to produce biodegradable plastic. But still oil and chemical magnates will not abandon their income, so the daily is released into the atmosphere by industrial enterprises millions of cubic meters of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases, clog soil municipal and industrial waste... become clogged with pure water.

Nevertheless, there is still the development of biotechnology in the world. And every year, companies that produce goods through biotechnology becomes more. Plant for the production of bioethanol in Russia "Miranda" is a good example of a company that manufactures biodegradable environmentally friendly fuel for cars. Using technology for the processing of plant components the plant Vladikavkaz "Miranda" for several years produces the most environmentally friendly fuel bioethanol for vehicles and carrying out deliveries throughout Russia and the world. The addition of ethanol to the national gasoline will save the environment! Plant Ecological fuel produced at the plant of Vladikavkaz "Miranda" will reduce the gas content of the atmosphere and make it less harmful to produce fuel for cars.