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Vegetable fuel

Every year the world environmental situation is getting worse. This happens because the modern man enjoys all the benefits and achievements of civilization - the car, plane, bus and other vehicles on petrol, not thinking about the fact that all these familiar vehicles have a negative side - environmental pollution by harmful emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, humanity is already more than 100 years, since the rapid development of the industry, engaged in the study of ecology and found many ways of solving the pollution problem of ecology in the world. One such method is the use of bioethanol as fuel for vehicles. Bioethanol is a kind of alcohol obtained from vegetable raw materials. The production of bioethanol in Russia are engaged in a few plants, so North Ossetia're lucky, because on the territory of Vladikavkaz operates the plant of "Miranda", which for several years engaged in the production of bioethanol in Vladikavkaz and carries a large supply of this biofuel at a point on the map. The price per liter of bio-ethanol in the Russian market below the price of gasoline. Ethanol additives to gasoline or the complete replacement of gasoline by bioethanol saves non-renewable natural resources - oil. The raw material for bioethanol is sugar cane, corn and wheat grains - in General, those plants which contains sufficient amount of starch and sugar. When burned, ethanol emits exhaust gases which organically decompose and do not pollute the atmosphere. Want to buy wholesale bioethanol? In the city of Vladikavkaz factory "Miranda" for several years engaged in large-scale supply of biofuels of bioethanol in Russia.