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Where to buy biofuels

Biofuels - a great alternative to petroleum products. First of all, biofuel is solid and liquid. Fuel bioethanol is a liquid biofuel, which can be bought in Russia, the company "Miranda" Vladikavkaz. Natural gas, coal and oil was created in the bowels of the earth millions of years and man is so wasteful uses these limited natural resources in our time. As for biofuel, it will exist until grown crops - corn, cane, wheat. In addition to this advantage, we can point to another - the price of bioethanol and less is released during its combustion a third less carbon dioxide, and all fumes are decomposed to organic matter. After such a tempting description, the question arises: where can I buy biofuels? The plant, located on the territory of Russia in the city of Vladikavkaz, OOO "Miranda" is one of the rare companies that generate a factory for the production of bioethanol. To buy biofuels at the enterprise is quite simple and can be done online. Biofuels in Russia, produced by "Miranda" meets all required quality standards.