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The production of biofuels in the world

Oil age that began after world war II gradually sink into oblivion - that is the forecast of many ecologists that provide recreational resources of the planet. And this can be explained not only intentional depletion of oil from the Earth, but environmental risks related to pollution of environment by oil products - polyethylene, gasoline exhaust, pesticides and other petroleum products. What has now become a worthy replacement of oil? Large-scale development of biotechnology changes the view of the familiar world. You can already buy in the store a bottle of water, plastic which is 30% biodegradable, that is, these 30% are 100 % biodegradable and are synthesized by organic components. Large-scale changes of the fuel policy for cars and there is already a biofuel for cars. 

Specifically I want to focus on the production of environmentally friendly fuel which is produced from vegetable raw materials. Fuel bioethanol is a biofuel derived from plant materials. There are few plants of bioethanol and Russia in this regard, even lucky, because the production of bioethanol in Russia to some extent established. One of a little numerical factories for the production of biofuels in the world is located in Russia. Plant "Miranda" is located in the South of Russia in Vladikavkaz. The production of biofuels in the world and delivery anywhere in Russia and Europe - the sphere of activities of Miranda, OOO.