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The confectionary syrup

The production of confectionery syrup is quite popular among confectioners as it is applied as raw materials in production of many confectionery products. Where can you order high-quality confectionary syrupin bulk? The company "Miranda" offers caramel treacle of excellent quality, made from natural wheat starch.

What  is a confectionary syrup?

It is a transparent, colourless and very viscous, sweet liquid, odorless, with the consistence of very dense honey. Its sphere of application is determined by  the characteristics of confectionary syrup.

So, due to low amount of the reducing substances, caramel starch syrup perfectly stabilizes aerobic confectionery-  marshmallow,  zephyr, meringue. Due to the low amount of glucose, it is able to retain a lot of moisture, which is very important in the production of marmalade, gelled confectionery products.

Heating the syrup to 145 degrees Celsius you can get candy, with a characteristic caramel odor and a perfect glossy surface

In the confectionery production, depending on concrete prescription, the use of a confectionary syrup substitutes from 30 to 100  %  sugar – that is very economical for the production. What are other advantages of the  caramel syrup over sugar and why do more and more manufacturers of sweets tend to introduce it as an alternative to sugar, without which it is not possible to produce  confectionery products?

- starch caramel syrup increases elasticity and gloss, as well as viscosity and storage life of sweet products

- unlike sugar, starch syrup does not distort its odor

- replacing sugar by the syrup the company saves electricity, as the speed of obtaining some confectionery products increases, thereby reducing energy intensity;

- caramel syrup is a natural stabilizer and emulsifier, which is cheaper, but the product is stored longer and its quality is higher

-  syrup is cheaper than sugar;

- it is simpler to observe safety of food products, applying natural treacle, than other not natural stabilizers and preservatives.

Do you want to make the food production of the company cheaper and better? Then use the caramel syrup made from wheat of the highest grade raw materials at the factory "Miranda". We offer the most affordable prices and prompt delivery of Your order anywhere to Russia.