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Native wheat starch

Wheat starch is extracted from wheat grains through the process of presoaking, grinding and further drying of the finished product. Wheat starch is a white or yellow powder in the form of round or prolonged grains. According to its structure and contents it belongs to vegetable proteins and carbohydrates.

The flour paste produced from wheat starch unlike corn and potato starch, reorganizes itself after cooling down into a more flexible jelly with a neutral taste and smell. It has less elasticity and more transparency than corn and potato starch. 

These qualities allowed wheat starch to be widely used in baking, meat preparation and paper-pulp industries, as well as in the production of compound feed, in the production of soft drinks, various syrups, jellies, sauces, beer and other products.

From what is said above it is clear that wheat starch is widely used by many manufacturers in different fields of industry as a 100% natural product, which will make your products  healthy and of high-quality.

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