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Wheat bran

It is common knowledge that wheat bran today is an important source of useful components and substances. But not everybody knows what bran is really made from, as people buy it as a final product. However, it should be taken into account, that wheat brain is a popular byproduct in the production of flour or biofuel. It is a solid coating of wheat grains. Depending on the type of processed grain, bran is divided into several types: wheat, oats, barley, corn, rice and so on. However, wheat and oats bran is the most popular. Depending on the type of grain handling bran is also divided according to the degree of grinding- it can be coarse or fine bran.

A large amount of bran is produced in the United States of America by plants producing high-quality biofuel. After recycling the residue turns into bran, gluten, starch or high protein dried feed for livestock.

In particular, plants in the United States produce wheat bran. Not only people eat it as a source of valuable protein, but also livestock can be fed to it to increase the quality of their diet.

At the turn of the 20th century European community decided to remove wheat and oats bran from their diet. The reason for this categorical decision was the “status” of bran. It seemed to be a plain cheap “waste product” of recycling despite the fact that everybody was aware that bran contains more protein, fatty acids and microelements than wheat grains themselves. The situation was similar in the beginning of the 20th century in major cities of the United States of America as well.

Several years later the situation with bran changed drastically. Now the European community re-valued the useful properties and qualities of wheat bran and it has come into the regular diet of upper class society. People who want to lose weight are perfectly aware of the useful properties of wheat bran. Therefore bran is the base for their low-calorie breakfast. Top- quality bran is a direct source of essential fatty acids, which are ideal both for weight-losing and vegetarian diets.

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In such cities of the US as Dallas, Oklahoma, Miami, Detroit and Chicago citizens appreciated the favorable influence of bran not only on the human body, but on livestock as well. Bran is a valuable food for all livestock. It is useful for milk-giving stock, as it improves the quality and quantity of their milk. Bran is necessary for young livestock as well especially if you want to fatten and grow them. It should be noted however, that the nutritional value of bran depends on the number of floury particles in it. The less flour it contains, the lower the nutritional value. Still it is not recommended to overfeed the stock to bran, as in great amounts it has a negative influence on their digestive system. Selling wheat bran in Europe in bulk, You can have the company of Miranda.

Wheat bran is produced in the Russian Federation as well and namely such a plant is situated in the city of Vladikavkaz. It is LLC “ Miranda”. The company produces and delivers high-quality wheat bran both in Russia and all over the world.