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Livestock feed

  The second important product of bioethanol producing plants in the United States of America are top-quality high protein livestock feed DDGS. Such production is vitally important to increase the company’s profit on sales. More and more modern plants come to the conclusion that the residual products must be recycled to increase profit on sales. This is particularly common at enterprises of the United States of America. For example, bioethanol producing plants in Seattle, Sidney, Detroit, Dallas, Chicago and other major cities of America produce from the residual raw materials high protein livestock feed DDGS. This food is produced from wheat residue.

  But what is high protein livestock feed DDGS in fact? First of all, it should be mentioned that this food is the result of recycling vegetable feed. As the amount of fat in dried grain decreases, this development turned out to be very helpful in the production of high protein livestock feed DDGS, as stockbreeders emphasize. This is because such food (called distillery grains) allows to save the stockbreeders’ money and not to do any harm to livestock. This food can replace 100% of cattle stock and swine daily diet. The daily diet of cattle stock can be completely replaced by high protein DDGS without any consequences. Feeding cattle to dry distilled grains (DDGS) in such cities as Seattle, Sidney, Detroit, Chicago you significantly decrease the cost value of weight gain, increase the stock muscle bulk gain by 30%and increase the milk fat content in milk cows. In general, residues for livestock feed in the United States of America are produced from agricultural crops, such as wheat, corn, beetroot, sugar cane, barley and others.

  There is a bioethanol producing plant of LLC “Miranda” in the Russian Federation also selling the byproducts, such as: gluten, starch and high protein food DDGS. Modern technologies and newest equipment allow producing only top-quality goods.

  If You want to by high protein food for your livestock, but are situated in the United States of America, do not give up! The experts of the plant in Vladikavkaz will answer all Your questions and help You to place an order! All kinds of products are exported to the cities of the United States of America at reasonable prices. You are sure to get high-quality goods and an opportunity to get the products delivered all over the world. Buy only high-quality food. LLC “Miranda” is always open for cooperation.