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Plant bioethanol

Bioethanol is a fuel of high quality that reduce various emissions from vehicles by almost half. This makes bio-ethanol modern fuels, cares about the environment and the environment. Therefore, biofuels are gaining popularity worldwide. In America and Germany have long used to buy biofuel for vehicles. Now bioethanol in Russia is gaining popularity.

Worldwide, there are a small number of plants for the production of bioethanol high quality. It is so hard to keep such a venture without losses. To keep the plant in the profits in addition to fuel ethanol produce more goods such as bran, animal feed, starch and many more.

On the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania for a long time, operates the plant for the production of biofuels "Miranda". It get bioethanol high quality on the most modern equipment. The specialists of the plant for the production of bioethanol carefully monitor the process of obtaining bioethanol from plant raw materials.

 "Miranda" delivers its biofuels throughout Russia. The price of bioethanol, as well as the price per litre of bioethanol varies depending on its concentration in the fuel.