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Starch buy

The wheat starch is derived from many plants and is synthesized in the chloroplasts of plants under the action of sunlight and photosynthesis. The starch of different plants has a different structure, but the common factor is that the starch - powder from white to light yellow color, which when mixed with water swells and forms a paste. Buy the starch is usually for making pastry dishes, sauces, starch is obtained from glucose and molasses and ethyl alcohol. Do not replace the starch in the textile industry. it is used for making glue. Don't know where to buy the starch in Vladikavkaz at wholesale prices? Then You should hear a few words about the "Miranda" plant in the city of Vladikavkaz. The plant is to manufacture products from natural environmentally friendly raw materials. "Miranda" processed cereal and pouchet environmentally friendly fuel - ethanol. The production of bioethanol is not the only occupation of the company "Miranda" of Vladikavkaz. The plant is also engaged in the production of wheat starch, which is widely used in cooking and industry and is bought wholesale by different organizations; native wheat gluten, which is used for test improvement. Wheat bran are produced by Miranda for livestock feed. Buy starch in bulk from the company "Miranda" in the city of Vladikavkaz.