Завод биотоплива Миранда
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362002, РСО-Алания, г. Владикавказ, ул. Неизвестного солдата, 8

Biofuel sales

Biofuel sales realize plants for the production of biofuels. Biofuel production in the developed world is still quite weak, so the plants bioethanol few. In Russia the production of biofuels implements the "Miranda" plant in the city of Vladikavkaz. Biofuel sale is organized by Russian company "Miranda" is very good. Buy ethanol here at wholesale prices. The use of biofuels of bioethanol as an additive to gasoline can significantly lower emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Sale of biofuel and delivery plant "Miranda" provides worldwide. Buy quality bioethanol from us! Biofuel sales of the plant "Miranda" client-oriented.